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    Brief Introduction of 60,000 - ton Cold Chain Logistics Project of Shandong Taihua Foodstuff Co 


    Thai food 60,000 tons of cold chain logistics project, a total investment of 381 million yuan, construction area of ​​66,000 square meters, all put into operation, the company has 120,000 tons of frozen storage capacity, 240,000 tons processing scale, Jiangbei become the largest modern international cold Chain logistics center. Company A, B refrigerated storage, for the multi-storey building, single building area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters, divided into four layers, each layer of two frozen cold storage rooms, a total of 8, single room storage area of ​​1700 square meters, The net height of 4.2 meters, the stock of 2,400 tons (calculated according to block frozen fish), opened two exports of goods. Column net is 5.8 meters × 5.5 meters, can adapt to the tray size, between the pillars can be stacked bulk cargo. Cold room temperature can reach -23 ℃, 24 hours to reach the cargo storage temperature. Can be stored meat aquatic products, frozen fruits and vegetables products. Cold storage hall set up vertical transportation system, each cold storage reservoirs set up four cargo lifts, two evacuation stairs, freight lifts load of 5 tons. Shipping platform 8.7 meters wide, a total of 14 front door, the door has a lifting platform to facilitate cargo handling and circulation. Before the site has a wide carriage return, is the cargo loading and unloading cargo area, to meet the cargo loading and unloading of the transport corridor. In addition, high-density municipal government investment in the construction of the test center will also be completed in the near future, Taihua cold chain logistics food will give priority to enjoy the testing and other convenience services.

    The company is equipped with professional management personnel, in strict accordance with the provisions of the state cold storage management practices, to provide customers with safe, efficient and quality services. Company cold chain logistics project is a comprehensive investment-oriented society, welcomed the people with lofty ideals joined the venture.






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